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lexis n : all of the words in a language; all word forms having meaning or grammatical function

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From , possibly via Latin.


  1. The total set of words in a language.
  2. The vocabulary used by a writer
    In this broadsheet newspaper, the reporter uses a complicated and formal lexis which I find hard to understand sometimes.



From λέξις (lexis)


  1. A word.


Irregular. Accusative plural lexeis.


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Lexis may refer to:
  • Lexis (linguistics), the total bank of words and phrases of a particular language, the artifact of which is known as a lexicon
  • Wilhelm Lexis (1837-1914), an eminent German statistician, economist, and social scientist and a founder of the interdisciplinary study of insurance
  • LexisNexis, a proprietary online information database which includes

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  • Lexus, an automobile brand
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